Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Les voilà

French III (see attached)

We're in the middle of reading a Canadian detective novel, L'Affaire québécoise It has 20 chapters. I had them selective a scene from a favorite chapter and make a video. They sent in the text via a writing App. I love the VidEditor Free App as it automatically goes to our class YouTube account.

password: frenchrocks

French IV / V (see attached)

We just finished reading the classic, Le petit prince. We have the English version in our iBooks and the French version on PDF Annotate App. This is rich novel filled with many philosophical themes. I had the students select just 10 of their most memorable themes from the novel and illustrate them with videos.In addition to describing in the target language why they selected these themes, they also had to illustrate how these themes related to their own lives. They, too, sent in their text on a familiar writing App.

As was evident while viewing these videos, there were substantial student-directed activity, engagement in the learning process and a familiarity with technology which enhances learning, in my estimation. 
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L'Affaire Québécoise _ un projet de video.pdfL'Affaire Québécoise _ un projet de video.pdf
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Monday, April 2, 2012

VidEditorFree App on IPads

Stay tuned... French III and IV / V are making videos which will be sent to the class YouTube account....