Thursday, October 30, 2014

La Boum de Costumes

le 30 octobre 2014

Nous nous sommes amusés au Club de Français aujourd'hui!! Les membres qui gagnent ont été:

le premier prix: Tyler Lynch
le deuxième prix: Alegria Paez
le troisième prix: Sarah Iler et Sruti Pandey

FELICITATIONS MES ELEVES FANTASTIQUES ET CREATEURS!!! Merci aux juges: Mme Dacey, Mlle DeSousa, et M. Coughlin!!!!

Today, October 30, 2014 the Spanish I class celebrated <<Día de los Muertos>> (Day of the Dead) with a cupcake decorating activity. Students had to do research on famous Spanish / Hispanic artists, poets, writers, etc. who have greatly contributed to the world around them. Students chose the various condiments to adorn their cupcakes and to elaborate upon how these particular condiments related to aspects of the person's life. They used MoveNote App in which to record their findings.