Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Teaching with Francesca, a French / English teacher from Trento, Italy

Burlington Public Schools had an exchange program with a high school in Trento (Trentino), Italy. Francesca, an English and French teacher in Trento spent 2 weeks here at Burlington High School. For the past two days she has come to my French III and IV/V classes to teach French. What a success and a most beneficial experience. I was so incredibly proud of my students who were able to understand 100% of what she was saying in French. A proud moment for sure!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

French Club students celebrate Quarter 3 success by challenging their gaming skills at LaserCraze in Woburn

My French Club students worked incredibly hard this past Quarter 3 and decided to just have some fun participating in the Tour de France.... no.... nope.... Tour de LaserCraze in Woburn. They got to compete and to enjoy the competition. One of them, Tyler came in first place in his round of the laser tagging. Marc Prensky, the designer of learning games and a renowned expert in the use of games in education equates gaming to 21st century learning based on problem-solving skills. My students won many games today as they had to methodically and strategically think out some of their winning tactics. So much fun to spend time with students outside of the classroom. They're planning a day of mini-golfing in May after which will be followed by our annual << pique-nique>> in June.